Posted on: November 11, 2008 8:38 am

Rockets problem

Rockets doesn't link up their offence and and did not defence well.
Yao and T-mac start good but the last 3 games of Yao and the last 2 (including this game) are terrible, they are not playing at their standard.

Ron is unstable, Alston is not linking up the whole team, Brooks plays like a shooting guard.
Luis Scola is the only player who is performing well in the whole Rockets team.
T-mac seems having injury problem or feeling sick, score two single digit games after a 30 pts game? Come on!!! Let him rest if him doesn’t plays well.
Yao is not rest enough too, Rockets doesn’t has a real backup Centre in the team, this already been the problem for the last couple of years! But the problem still not yet fixed…..
This team is really to short in size, where are the 6'10, 6'11, 7'0 guys?
Trade or sign someone is tall please...
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